dimanche 16 août 2015

Omelette for breakfast

Credit : http://vicki-kitchen.blogspot.com

This post was inspired by someone telling me she didnt make omelettes cos they always went rubbery, didnt cook properly, burnt or wasnt sure what to do about the fillings. So anyway this is how I make mine ...

Omelettes are a perfect breakfast for slimming world lots of filling protein and you can stuff them with lots of superfree vegetables too as well as ham, lean bacon, leftover chicken anything really use your imagination!

Pre cooking the filling if using vegetables is important as they wont have time to cook inside the omelette if added raw. I usually cook them in a little spray oil until just cooked (mushrooms in this case) then set aside and add at the end of the cooking .

I thought the best way to show how I make my omelettes was in pictures so here you go..

I use 2 large free range eggs beaten well with some salt and pepper there is no need to add milk and spray a small non stick frying pan with spray oil and place over a medium heat. Be careful not to have the heat very high or the bottom will burn (ouch) before the top is starting to set.

Let it sit for a bit until the omelette starts to cook around the edges (see pic) then just push the edges in gently with a plastic spatula or fish slice till it sort of wrinkles (ok weird choice of words but seems to explain what I mean) .

Let it sit for a little bit longer until the top is almost cooked then place the filling on top and again leave for a minute or so so the filling warms up a little and the base of the omelette is golden brown. Dont be afraid to use the plastic spatula or fishslice to lift up the edge and peek underneath to see if the base is brown.

Finally carefully tip onto a warm plate and serve. I had this for breakfast with baked beans to be extra filling.

Enjoy xx 
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